PRO Shocks


Magnum Suspension is a stocking dealer for PRO Shocks; we stock the PRO SM Series shock absorbers. The SM Series shock absorbers are perfect for straight axle front suspensions. These small body chrome shock absorbers are valved to soften the ride, look awesome and provide years of outstanding appearance and performance. PRO SM Series shocks feature 5/8” upper and lower bushings with 1/2” sleeves (lower sleeves may be removed for use with our bolt-on lower shock mounts) for quiet running in all conditions.

The SM401 shocks have an extended length of 12.5” with a compressed length of 8.75” and work best with a 10.5” dimension at ride height.

SM600 shocks have an extended length of 16.5” and a compressed length of 10.5” and are best suited for a 13.5” dimension at ride height.

All PRO shocks are sold individually.

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