Hairpin Radius Rod Kits


Magnum Suspension leads the industry with the biggest selection and highest quality radius rod kits for real hot rods. Our hairpin radius rod kits are available with either stainless steel or steel batwings and feature stainless adjusters and urethane bushings, sleeves, and mounting hardware. Our plain steel hairpin kits include your choice of plain steel fabricated or unpolished stainless steel batwings and plain steel tie rods ends. Our chrome and stainless steel hairpin kits include chrome plated or polished stainless steel bars and are supplied with either chrome or polished stainless batwings and chrome or polished stainless tie rod ends. All kits fit axles with a 2 1/4” thick perch boss. We offer our hairpins in three distinct versions: Curved top and bottom bars with butt style adjuster tube, curved top and bottom bars with bullet style adjuster tube, or a straight top with a curved lower bar for a more nostalgic look.

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