Rear Radius Rod Kits


We offer our rear radius rod kits in three styles to suit your tastes and build style. Our 3032U kits are designed for `32-`34 applications and feature a dual parallel bar style and come complete with urethane bushed adjusters at all pivot locations, jam nuts, brackets and all necessary hardware. Our 3132 series kits are hairpin style and utilize urethane bushed adjusters in the front and rear pivot locations and come complete with all necessary hardware and brackets. 3132H Kits are also hairpin style kits but utilize spherical bearing (Heim Joint) adjusters at the front pivot location and include a weld-in tab mount. All of these kits are designed to weld-on in `32-`34 Ford applications and may be used in various other applications using a flat, boxed rear frame rail.

Kits are available in plain or chrome plated finishes.

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